Mark Wilcox- The King of Bricks

I’m Mark Wilcox.

The King of Bricks.

And the person who runs Brick Boss, which celebrates the Adult Fan of LEGO.

Here is my LEGO story.

I first played with plastic bricks when I was 7 and living in Waco, Texas.

I say plastic bricks because my mother didn’t buy me LEGO. She bought me one of the knock-off brands.

And this was the early 1980s when the knock-off brands were horrible.

I didn’t appreciate LEGO until I was in my 30s. When I built the space shuttle with my friend’s son.

I initially started this site to discuss LEGO collecting with my friend Nathan. He is a LEGO collecting expert.

But I quickly evolved it to talk about all things LEGO because I prefer to play with them than keep them in their boxes.

In particular, I enjoy taking LEGO photos. And as I get better with my LEGO building and photography, tell stories with them.

I have even dabbled in making a brickfilm or two.