10 Creative Sets That Maximize the Fun of Lego

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The fun of Lego is the fun of building.

And not all of us can be master builders.

Which is why Lego created sets with instructions. I particularly like the 3-in-1 sets. Even as an adult.

I love the quick build, while watching TV because it helps me unwind from a stressful day. And with a job that doesn’t always have tangible daily results (I work in sales and marketing - it can take months before I can see success … or failure), I like building something quick with Lego.

Which is why I tend to gravitate to the 3-in-1 sets. They are inexpensive. And small so that they don’t take up much space to build or display. And you can get a lot of fun out of them by building them in their multiple configurations.

And here are 10 of my favorites:

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