15 Lego Batman Minifigures We Love

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My favorite Batman movie of all time is Lego Batman.

This drives my comic book nerd friends nuts. They tell me it has to be one of the Christopher Nolan flicks.

Or given that I grew up in the 1980s - one of the Tim Burton flicks.

I love Batman.

I don’t like any of those movies.

Michael Keaton is a great actor but I never bought him as Batman. And I thought Nicholson’s Joker - was just Jack Nicholson in makeup.

Nolan’s Batman are ok films but not really Batman.

I thought Lego Batman - while silly fun - caught what makes Batman- Batman. The detective work. And the deep fear that prevents him from connecting with anyone because he’s afraid of losing them - like his parents.

And here’s our favorite Lego Batman minifigures.

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