Brick Builders Know That LEGO Will Outlast Your iPhone

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Everyone finds something to enjoy with LEGO. It starts before we can walk with the big Duplo blocks. And then we move to the little plastic bricks to fill hours of play time.

And then as adults, we use them as a hobby after a day of filling out TPS reports. And just as the times have changed so has LEGO. While there is the classic set of bricks, windows, and tires there are many more choices now. What is very cool is how LEGO has adapted to modern technology including smart-phones without losing their fundamentals.

At the core, LEGO is quality. They are like BMW; they cost more. Because they are built better. What’s even more important is that regardless of how old you are or where you are from or if you’re a boy or a girl - they continue to inspire creativity within us. They don’t give us limits. Even when you buy a Star Wars set. There’s no reason why you have to build that ship. Or tell that story in play. You can be-be creative. Your children (and yourself) can have fun just playing while they pick up essential skills.

The toys are safe. They will teach. And they have a product designed for whatever age and interest you have. Including robotics. And architecture. Or abstract art. When I saw my nieces and friends kids play with the Lego, I watched how they grew from playing with the big simple bricks. To the playsets. To the mind-boggling masterpieces like the NASA space-shuttle. And now I’m enjoying building out the Creator sets which I imagine using as settings for my own Lego animated films.

What’s cool now is that Lego has created so many types of minifigures. Whether you want Batman or Iron Man. Or a plain police officer. Or office dude they have you covered. They have even started to create dolls for the girl market. They seem to be rivaling Apple with their marketing and business acumen. This, of course, is built upon a strong relationships with important brands like Disney, Star Wars, Minecraft and Harry Potter. And will grow as more franchises are created like Jurassic Park. It’s quite amazing that you can get everything from prehistoric times to the medieval times up to modern sets. And with their new NASA sets including the popular Saturn V we see LEGO in space. Meanwhile, if you check out the MOC community you can see amazing builds that show you there are no limits to what you can create with LEGO.

Go pick up a box. And remember how much fun they can be. Even a simple 3-in-1 set that I found for like ten bucks at a local Barnes & Noble. I also keep a small game on my desk at work to mess around with on a boring conference call. It’s easier to still pay attention to what’s being said than if you’re surfing the web. There’s also the sanctification that comes from putting together a big set. When you first set down all of those pieces, it can feel impossible. But you will be surprised at how much joy you will get once you’re finished. And if you have kids, you know LEGO will keep them busy for hours. And while I love TV and movies - kids still need time just to play. To be creative. To learn about their physical world and not just mindlessly consume. And if you are stuck during a rainy day at home with the kids. Just pull out the box of bricks and watch how time flies.

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