Do You Want to Use Lego to Inspire Travel? Then Read This First

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My wife loves to travel. I don’t like to travel as much as she does because of how to do it so much for work. But one day while browsing the Lego’s online store I thought about how you could use Lego to inspire and remember family trips.

Inspire Travel

If you have kids and are planning a trip it can be hard to motivate them if there is not an amusement park involved. But you can use Lego’s to help them get excited by building things they might see along the way. This could be something as simple as making example cars you will pass on a road trip. Or assembling sets of famous landmarks you might see. For example, you can purchase one of the Lego architecture sets. These are sets that are not designed for play. But allow you to commemorate and remember visits to your favorite destinations. This might be Buckingham palace the Eiffel tower or the Chicago skyline.

Travel For Competition And Conventions

Besides using Lego sets to inspire travel, there are Lego related events to travel for. This includes Lego League and Lego conventions. If you have older kids (at least over 9) in the house, you should look into Lego League. This is a robotics competition that uses Lego robot kits to solve real-world challenges. And they hold competitions all over the country. There also conventions. This is where Lego fans get together to celebrate their favorite plastic bricks. A great way to see original constructions, learn building tips and of course, just hanging out with people who are passionate about Lego.

Travel With Lego In Mind

Finally you might travel to visit a specific Lego destination. I remember one time when I was a San Diego with some friends we made a impromptu trip to Legoland. This is a combination amusement park and Lego display area. We did not ride any of the rides but we did take a tour of the display area. Where Lego builders had re-created many parts of the world including the displays you might find an architecture set in the Lego. Or if you’re looking for a reason to visit Denmark you might want to visit the original Legoland located in Billund . This is the most visited location in the country outside of the capital of Copenhagen.

As you can see Lego provides opportunities to inspire, remember and a destination in itself.

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