Get Your Kids to Store Their LEGO With This Playtable

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If you became an AFOL because of your kids, you might have looked at one of those Duplo tables. And if you don’t already have a way to store your LEGO then you might want to think about it. As fans of LEGO, we know that they go with both growing up and adulting. But we also know that LEGO bricks have a mischevious side. They love to fall on the floor. And wait for us to come walking along with bare feet. And inflict some torture on us. This is one of the reasons why I always wear slippers in the house.’

I know if you come across a lot of LEGO on the floor that it gets depressing. In particular, if it’s your children’s toys. And you might be tempted to simply throw them all in a box and send it out to for the trashman to collect. But this is why you should have durable LEGO storage. Such as a Duplo table. In particular, if you have children. If you’re an adult, there are more options suitable for adult decorating. But make a smart choice and you will have something that gives you optimal storage space. As well as a place for them to play at while they build up their love for LEGO that can stretch into their adulthood.

The table comes with places to store your LEGO bricks and minifigs. They help teach your kids about being organized. As an adult, Mark looks to his wife to help. His office is a constant battle against chaos. Nathan is the person who likes to organize all of the bricks into neat piles before he starts a build. Mark should have had one of these organization systems as a kid. If you can have your children take care of keeping their toys put up and away then you are much more likely to let them have more playthings. Because the last thing as adult fans of LEGO we want to do is to discourage our children from enjoying building with the bricks.

While there are more technology driven play options that often come on a screen, we cannot forget the fun of building with our hands. And our minds. This promotes spatial awareness, creativity and problem-solving. This is why we continue to love LEGO. Not just the concept but the brands. And wait patiently every month to see what new sets will emerge. And if you’re also a parent (or like Mark - just an uncle) you may find that the Duplo table is a godsend for your sanity and feet protection. If you have multiple places where kids play with the bricks, then you should put one in each area. That way you are reducing the number of excuses for them not to put up their toys. If that’s not possible, then at least keep one in their main play area.

These tables are one giant leap for parenting. It allows your kids to have fun while also learning important skills around keeping things neat and tidy. Unlike video games, these are toys that they can play with while you’re watching the TV or reading a book. Or playing your games on your phone or table. It also makes it easier for them to show off their creations. I know that our friends that have kids, they enjoy having their kids in the room with them. At least until they hit teenage years and they disappear anyway. And if you have younglings then you really should check out getting a LEGO storage system such as the Duplo table. Or even if you’re just an adult looking for a cute way to store the bricks. We won’t judge.

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