Let’s Start Collecting LEGO Art Together

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I almost couldn’t believe what had happened.

I put my bricks together. I was building my favorite ship, the “Argo”. From a cartoon show called Star Blazers.

It was the American version of a Japanese show called Space Battleship Yamato. It’s a famous show, but that’s not why I’m here to talk today.

As I said I put my bricks together.

I thought they were LEGO. I snapped them together. They just fell apart. I was just devastated.


And for a long time I went around thinking I was bad at LEGO. I didn’t find out til later that my mom to save money, bought knock off bricks.

One of the real genius things of LEGO. And why they had their patent. Was that they really figured out how to manufacture their bricks to stick together.

I’m not here to talk about buying real LEGO versus knockoff LEGO.

I’m here in this article to talk about using LEGO for art.


So a sculpture is a universal art term.

I’m sure you know the word sculpture.

And typically when we think of sculpture, we’re thinking of things carved out of marble or molded from clay.

But all sculpture means is that it is an art that had been made to be examined in three dimensions.

And LEGO provides us with an excellent material to build sculptures from.

Even if you go to the store and you buy a LEGO set. Like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or a dragon from Ninjago.

What you’ll find out is they’re three dimensional sets.

For example, right now I’m in the middle of building the detective office set.

And it’s amazing the amount of detail that goes into these LEGO sets.

These are sculptures created by the LEGO master builders.

But you’re not restricted to just building those sets.


You can go off and do your own thing. I would encourage you to do your own thing.

To play and explore with your own creations.

They don’t have to look like anything.

They could just be abstract shapes.

The lovely thing about the bricks - they snap and unsnap.

They come in all shapes and sizes. With gates. Windows. And tires.


Are you stuck with what is possible with LEGO?

Or are you looking for inspiration?

Or perhaps you have an idea but no clue on how to put the bricks together to match the shape in your head?

To start you go to Instagram. And follow the “legoart” hashtag.

You will see normal people just like you creating their own amazing creations.

And this reminds me. You’re not limited to “just” sculpture. You can participate in the LEGO photo movement. This is where people take photos of their LEGO - often of minifigures to tell stories.

This is how Mark got back into LEGO. And he’s also interested in LEGO stop-motion animation.

But if your really want your mind blown then check out Nathan Sawaya (not our Nathan :)) who has a traveling art exhibition called The Brick Artist. http://www.brickartist.com/

Now that you have learned that LEGO can be exciting art medium, I want you to go get your bricks and start putting your sculptures together.

And don’t forget to share them with the world!

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