Quick Guide: Lego Medical

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When I first started thinking of creating stories out of Lego, I imediately thought of a hospital scene I had in my head.

Rather, a medical examiner office.

Because my 2 favorite cop shows of all time are “Law & Order” and “Rizolli & Isles”. And the medical officer plays a big role.

And in my character sheet for my main character - Detective Thomas Brooker. I have him dating the chief medical officer. Which I came up with before I saw “Rizolli and Isles”.

So when I first started hunting Lego sets for my stories, I made medical one of my top priorities.

I was surprised to see the hospital wasn’t part of the City series.

The only hospital set was part of the Lego Friends set aimed at girls. Which would be fine - except they don’t come with minifigures. They come with Lego dolls.

Anyway there are some sets you can still use if you don’t want to use Lego Friends.

I collected my favorite medical themed Lego.

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