She Asked if Being an Adult Fan of Lego Was Important. My Answer Surprised Her

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I was recently asked about doing a potential podcast interview. The host was reluctant until she verified that my topic would be appropriate for her audience. One of her concerns was that my topic wasn’t about leisure pursuits. I had made it clear I was going to talk about being an adult fan of Lego. This would be to help promote our site brick boss. And I chuckled because what else would Legos be but a leisure pursuit.

I thought I would use this post to explain the three popular ways I see using Legos for leisure as an adult.

Building Lego Sets

The most popular form of using Legos as an adult is to build sets. When I was growing up all we really had was boxes of bricks. Now what you are most likely to buy is a pre-selected set of bricks with instructions. These might be a licensed set such as Star Wars or Batman. Or a collector set. Or something like the architecture series.

This makes it easier on the Lego builder because you know the set will have all of the bricks and you don’t have to figure out how to put them together originally. A master builder has figure all that out for you. While you do sacrifice some of the creativity there is a lot of joy that comes from building any of the sets. And it’s a lot easier with less mess then traditional model building.

Lego Display Building

Another popular form of leisure with Legos as an adult is to put together large displays. This can take the form of entire cities. Where the cities can be real or imagined. Or elaborate Lego train sets. Or the castles. These can be very creative. And a in a unique way of showing off your creative side. In particular if you become part of the MOC community. Where they make their own original creations. The downside of putting together these large displays is that they do take up a lot of room. And you would be surprised at how expensive they can be because of the number of bricks required to put them together.

Lego Photography

The form of Lego leisure that Mark is most interested in is Lego photography. And its cousin Lego movies. With Lego photography you are attempting to combine your Legos and minifigures with real life to convey something inspirational or entertaining. These can take the form of Legos interacting with real life such as showing your minifigures visiting the Grand Canyon or your Lego truck carrying logs off the mountain. Or using Legos to tell a story. My favorite example of this is Lego grad student. He is using photos of his posed figures and creative captions to share a diary of what it’s like to be a modern day grad student.

Whether you like to build Legos with your kids for fun. Or constructing an entire city from your imagination there are endless possibilities of what you can do with Lego.

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