Sick of Hearing About Toys Not Being Useful Teaching Tools? Then Here’s the Cure

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Toys and games are great ways to help students make learning more fun. I’ve heard from my education expert friends that when kids are at play they retain more information.

I know this is true from my own life. I remember much more from the games I played than the boring books and lectures. This is because games are much better at keeping your attention, raised your intention and kept you happy by having fun.

This is true even if it was just playing sports. The skills I’ve used to learn more about football is also the same skills I used to learn about business and computers. If you use the proper toys and structured play then kids can have fun and learn at the same time. If they are having fun you will be surprised how much more the students will retain than by pure memorization.

There are plenty of toys and games that can be used to help educate students. I think Lego can be used to help with some of the trickier subjects including science. You can use Lego structures to explain DNA. Or use the architecture sets to show famous monuments. Or just use the minifigures as rewards for winning spelling bees or other tests.

Hopefully, the school budget will cover the costs of at least some of this. So that you don’t have to go out of pocket. But if you do there are many ways to get Lego sets and figures for cheap. Which we cover in other articles. But do talk to your tax professional because you might be able to deduct the cost of buying these items for your classroom. Besides using pre-built sets you can also come up with your ideas.

Go check out Pinterest and teacher forums to find inspiration and tips. Of course what grade you teach will determine what types of toys including Lego will be the most appropriate. Though whether you are teaching pre-school or a college lecture there are Lego for everyone.

And if you work in daycare then you should be looking for educational toys. It’s great if the kids in preschool can start to learn their letters, numbers and motor skills while their parents are at work.

And I believe toys are a necessity at the Kindergarten level and will be seen as a great way for the students to learn. You can also test students skills or abilities by using the proper toys. Have them count Lego pieces. Or build up a store selling accessories to teach basic math.

What I hate is that as people get older, they think learning has to be more serious. When it should become more fun because you can comprehend the more in-depth material.

Games and toys are vital to learning. Because they let you understand concepts that just don’t make sense without visualizing or experiencing them.

For example, if you’re an NFL fan, playing Madden can teach you all of the things a quarterback must comprehend to call an offense. And before you dismiss this as trivial knowledge - the modern NFL is born out of 3D concepts. And data analysis.

And learning to buck the system because you have the data, not nostalgia.

As well as strong fundamentals of being a team player.

I can remember in college. I was better able to appreciate what it was like to be a diplomat participating in Mock United Nations than reading a 1000 pages of textbooks.

And because Lego are so easy to build, designed to be torn apart and 3-dimensional they are excellent physics teaching tools.

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