Sneaky Ways to Pay for Your LEGO Hobby

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LEGO is cool.

And fun to build with.

But they can be expensive. In particular if you buy the sets.

So I brainstormed some ideas you could use your LEGO skills to make some extra scratch to cover your obsession.

I mean passion.

I mean hobby.

This is kind of a quick brainstorm exercise.

Sell your sets and bricks and minifigures

This is a traditional collector. Where you look to buy sets or figures and then flip them. This is something that was new to me - even though I have been on the Web since the 90s. Back when we used smoke signals.

People sell out figures independently from the bricks. And some people even split out the accessories. You can even sell bricks on their own.

Not just via eBay either. There’s a few sites like Bricklink which specialize in just reselling LEGO.

Nathan wants to talk more about this stuff in the future.

Offer to put together sets

You could offer to build sets for others. If you have kids who are good with LEGO - this could be an easy way for them to make money. In particular around Christmas when parents buy these bigs sets for their kids who’s eyes are bigger than their bricks.

And well, it can be tedious and frustrating. I know there’s been times where I thought about just paying someone.

Offer to sort and clean bricks

This is a get your hands dirty. But if you have local friends who are collecting. Or maybe just bought some bricks off a garage sale - you could offer to come clean the bricks for them. It’s not hard. And you won’t get rich.

But it could pay you enough to cover some minifigures.

Also another great job opportunity for your kids.

STEM teaching at the library or school

If you are good at explaining science or technology with LEGO - you might be able to get paid to teach about these topics at the local library.

They often pay people to come in and give talks - in particular to the younger kids.

So do some research. And talk to the local libraries about your options. You could show kids that LEGO isn’t just about toys. And perhaps even combine multiple passions (e.g. science + LEGO) into a nice side hustle that feeds your collection budget.

Entertainment for birthday parties

This is pretty straight forward. You could offer organized play around LEGO for birthday parties.

While most kids have LEGO they might not have all of the bricks needed to make things with all of their friends at a party.

Plus it can be hard to figure out what to build.

Office team-building exercises

Corporations love team building programs.

And to be candid it’s hard to get to know your co-workers. In particular those in different teams. So if you can come up with a way to encourage co-workers to learn how to work together over something as simple as LEGO - you can help businesses become more productive and increase their own revenue.

Create and sell original artwork

There’s many ways to create and sell art with LEGO.

You could create sculptures of real or abstracts. When Mark worked at Oracle for several years LEGO artists were hired to create murals for the big user conference.

You could create LEGO “portraits”.

Or you could take photos of your LEGO setups and then sell those prints.

Build LEGO review site

You could write up reviews of your favorite LEGO sets. And then put a link to them using Amazon or LEGO affiliate links. Then if people buy something from your link you get a small comission. This can often be the easiest way to get started to make money from your LEGO hobby.

Sell LEGO inspired merch

This one you have to be very careful because LEGO and many of their sets are trademarked.

But with some creativity you could come up with t-shirts, coffee cups and posters to sell.

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