The Secret to a Perfect Hobby Is Easier Than You Think

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I love the Lego designed sets.. But there’s still plenty of fun to be had with just your basic box of classic Lego.

If you can’t remember the last time you just sat down with your classic sets and just played, it’s been too long. I know life gets busy. And play seems like so frivolous.

And pointless. But having fun is very important. I have been reminded of this as I talk to more and more adults about my new found hobby of Lego. In fact the other day I was on a sales call. We were doing it via video. And I was able to make a connection with someone on the customer’s side because behind him was a bunch of big Lego sets. He even showed me his built Star Destroyer.

Lego are favorites with my young nieces. They enjoy playing with the sets. Just as I did when I was a child. Though I hope they have learned how to play nicely together. For a long time, we have had to buy them the same toy because they fight over a toy. Hopefully, they will grow out of this. But then again, that’s the benefit of the being the uncle. I just have to buy the toys. Of course, my sister and I didn’t do an excellent job of sharing either. But I’m not here to talk about raising kids. Only fun with Lego. It’s just funny to me about how easy these fights break out among siblings. Over little plastic bricks.

Lego isn’t just a little plastic brick. I just say that to help keep myself humble. And remind Nathan when he thinks we’re doing something serious. Or he tries to get me excited over how much a set just sold for. I’m more fascinated by the play aspect.

How the toys cross all boundaries. They seem to have no limits. And are very useful to giving parents a break from having to constant pay attention to them. Without the guilt of endless hours of watching the TV. Or answering endless questions. Or listen to them whine about what they don’t want to do. My wife and I never had kids. But from talking to friends who did, I here these solitude moments are sweet.

I can barely imagine what it was like with one child. I hide under the covers when I think of my friends who over 3 or more. But I’m still just a big kid. And that’s why I love Lego so much. And realize they are not only useful distractions but can be used for learning.

And creating. And story-telling. And inspiration. Lego has established one of the most reliable brands in the world. It helps unite us - whether as kids, parents or Adult Fans of Lego. And Lego gives us sets that meet the needs of their customers at every stage. That’s above and beyond what you should ever ask from a toy company.

To start with, make sure you do get the sets that make the most sense. In particular, if you have children. If you have multiple children in the house, it will be best to keep getting them their own sets to avoid the dreaded fights that can break out if they’re missing a brick. This is easier if the children are spread out over time.

But even if not, most likely children will adopt specific style of sets different from their siblings to maintain their own identities. Or of course, you can set the rules so that they must share the sets after they are done building them.

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