Why Are Lego Elves Not in Minifigure Form?

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When I was in junior high, I started playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I played regularly through college.

And recently I stumbled upon an entire “D&D Meme” subculture on Facebook. They are pretty funny, if you are familiar with D&D.

I want to do some photos in Lego that I can use to create my own memes.

Anyway, I went looking for Lego elves. And it looks like they are now all part of the distinct Lego girl line. I have 2 young nieces who love this line.

But one thing that kind of sucks is that the figures are not minifigures. They are more like tiny dolls.

Which is a potential problem for my meme. But are great fun to play with in general.

So here are some of the best Lego elve sets I found found:

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