LEGO Build Challenge

People feel happier when they have completed a project.

My paternal grandfather put the lights in the LA Collesium. My maternal grandfather introduced garbage pickup service as Mayor of his town.

While I have had a nice career, modern work doesn't always allow us to show the world a completed project. Many of our day jobs are just attending meetings and writing reports.

This is why I love to build with LEGO as an adult. The sense of satisfaction that comes from completing a build.

And I discovered there's a lot of satisfaction and relaxation that comes from constructing the simple sets.

But what I really missed as an adult is just building for the fun of it.

With the bricks, you have on hand.

And I thought I bet there are others who feel the same way too.

So I created a 5 day LEGO build challenge.

Each day I will send you an email that contains that day's challenge.

All you need do to get started is Click Here

If you're on a desktop or Android phone you can also subscribe by browser notification.

Each challenge is simple.

The focus is on helping you to relax without rules. Except, complete the challenge with the bricks you have on hand.

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